1. Lucy

    I've been following your blog for a few weeks and love this post! I recommend the same questions if marrying a police officer. Unexpected overtime/ shift rotas mean that you can expect to be a newly wed by yourself(I've spent 9 of our 23 and counting married nights in bed alone), no watching any police programmes (darn it, I used to like a bit of Road Wars!) and no claiming over-dramatically that someone did something "totally illegal" today.
    If you ever figure out the trick with weekly shopping and the point at which to freeze I'd love to know!

  2. Thanks Lucy, very pleased you like it! Also great to know I'm not alone in the trials and tribulations of the legal profession – I can only imagine how much TV marrying a police officer would spoil, nightmare!

    Freezing wise I have come to the conclusion that freezing absolutely everything is the only answer, then I can't get cross. It's just remembering exactly when I put it all in there that's the challenge now… 🙂

  3. Caroline

    This is incredibly truthful the other way round when a man dates a female lawyer! However, I do like Silk!

  4. Thanks Caroline, I am sure it definitely works both ways. My cousin (who is a barrister) tells me she has been ruining legal dramas for her other half for years – I'm very pleased to hear you like Silk though, no harm in a little escapism is there!

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