IMG_6872I’m a freelance journalist and copywriter. I write sharp, attention-grabbing copy and I can do it quickly.

I’ve written for newspapers, glossy magazines and trade press, for corporate organisations, digital and content agencies, websites and blogs. I also have over eight years’ experience working in the not-for-profit sector as a marketing, communications and copywriting specialist.

You can see examples of my published work and writing projects below, including words and articles written for Broadly, match.com, Wedding Ideas, Tie The Knot Scotland, Accenture, Retail Express, Women’s Fitness and more. Want to chat about how I can help you? Email me at nothinggoodrhymeswithcharlotte@gmail.com and let’s talk WORDS.


Accenture: Copywriting and editing thought leadership articles on a variety of subjects, including smart homes and broadcasting.

We are all connected: Copywriting website copy for this digital marketing agency.

Nutcracker Agency: Copywriting articles and blogs about a range of topics, including retail, entrepreneurship and wholesaling for this content marketing agency.

Healthwatch England: I work part-time in-house as Healthwatch England’s communications manager, overseeing the organisation’s tone of voice and running campaigns.

Bond (NGO membership organisation): Copyediting a catalogue of case studies about international development innovations for this charity’s innovation library.

Healthy Content: Writing fitness food and drink product pages for a Women’s Fitness book, and monthly health and fitness news summary writing for this content agency.


Executive PA

Mental health – not to be ignored (December 2017)

Tie The Knot Scotland 

Photography: 12 Essential Shots (March/April 2017)

No place I’d rather be (November/December 2016)

Women’s Fitness: 15 Minute Fitness 

Energy on the go! Protein and energy food and drink listings (2016)

Wedding Ideas 

Celebrity looks for less! (Issue 153, October 2015)

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.33.15

How to involve your parents in wedding planning (Issue 152, September 2015)


Your Guest List Dilemmas Solved (Issue 146, April 2015)

20 guest list dilemmas solved


Retail Express magazine 

How to use sport to grow your summer sales

Better Wholesaling magazine

Keep cool with your ice cream category

Find out the fresh products with the greatest margins

10 tips to take your snacking sales to the next level

How can wholesalers capitalise on breakfast trends?

How do you ensure you create cracking Christmas sales?



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Embrace your naivety and inexperience

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The four things to consider before you propose

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Dating advice for birthdays and anniversaries

The Huffington Post 

Relationships: 5 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Flying Together

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 5 Signs That The Spark Has Not Gone From Your Relationship 

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 Eight Things They Should Tell You When You Join The Gym

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The Vagenda 

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Funny Women

But I don’t want to! Those childish traits we never lose 

The last Christmas stocking

 There’s no such thing as a five star person

 Bridezilla? You’ve got the wrong number

 Internet trolls: Seeing the funny side

 Not going out: Excuses, excuses 

The art of distraction… ooh a bird!

New Year’s resolutions (2013)

Totally 4 Women

Six New Year’s resolutions I won’t even bother making

 Any Other Woman

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