Hello! I’m Charlotte. How nice of you to drop by. Here’s a little FAQ to help you work out what’s going on here.

What is this blog about?

This blog is an online diary and a collection of observations. I like to write about things, thoughts, feelings and fears that we all go through, however trivial. I also really like laughing at myself. My posts tend to be about relationships, growing up, and confidence, but I am by no means limited to those topics. Sometimes I’ll tell you about a thing I’ve done, sometimes I’ll have the audacity to give you advice, and sometimes I’ll just write you a list because who doesn’t love a good list. I’m basically just here to have a chat with you – did you remember to buy any biscuits?

Why on earth is your blog called ‘Nothing good rhymes with Charlotte’?

Nothing good rhymes with Charlotte is the kind of name that a person comes up with when they’re sat alone, trying desperately hard to think of a suitable name for a blog. As a last resort I thought, “Hey, does anything rhyme with my name?” “Hmmm…. harlot does, but that’s not so good.” AND THUS THE NAME WAS BORN. I always thought I’d change it to something better when I thought of it but that has simply never happened. Sorry everyone.

Many people have felt the need to tell me that Scarlett rhymes with Charlotte as do many other good words. Thanks guys, but I know. The name of this blog is representative of the kind of humour you can expect to find on here and it is totally up to you as to whether that is something you want in your life.

Dude, is this your full time job?

DUDE, I wish. Nope this is something that I do for love (as in for the love of writing, not to try and make you love me. OK, maybe a bit). I have two jobs – I work as a part time communications manager, and as a freelance features writer and copywriter. You can see some of my published work and the many reasons you should hire me to write for you right here.

I would like to speak to you – how do I make that happen?

I would like to speak to you too! If you have thoughts on this blog or you’d like to work with me or if you just feel like saying hello, you can leave me a comment, email me at: nothinggoodrhymeswithcharlotte@gmail.com or you can find me on twitter @CharlotteBuxto. I will always respond, I bloody love post.


Charlotte Buxton is a communications manager, freelance features writer, copywriter and blogger. She started Nothing good rhymes with Charlotte in August 2011 and has since written for titles including Broadly, Tie The Knot Scotland, Match.com, Wedding Ideas, Women’s Fitness, Better Wholesaling, Retail Express, and the Huffington Post blog, as well as corporate organisations, including Accenture. Charlotte lives in London with her husband, Leon and their daughter.